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These supplementary cyclist's pages are for everyone who enjoy cycling around the south Stockport area, and especially those who attend the Stockport Council Cycle User Group meetings, which are freely open to all. New faces are always welcome.

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Gorsey Bank update - September 2017

On 16 September 2016 I cycled down past Ye Old Woolpack Inn - sadly closed again and looking for a buyer - and along the Transpennine Trail and across to the river bridge to the new 'Aurora Stockport Industrial Park' to take a look and progress on the cycle facilities there. The picture above looks back towards the river bridge from the beginning of the new route. The link to the bridge curves down to the left. Behind the fence on the right is the new access to Brinksway which is not yet ready. Pedestrians coming over the bridge heading to Brinksway will be able to use the flight of steps in on the far left.

Looking the other way from the same position along the new shared path which is now more or less completed. Rather impressive width and surface - not a bridleway, so no need to provide for horses. Behind the temporary fence is the road around the business park, and then the 'units' where workers will toil.

The path continues along the route of a previous path towards the bridge under the former railway line, which is a the freight route from Hazel Grove to Northenden Junction.

At the bridge is a barrier similar to those seen on the Fallowfield Loop and Middlewood Way, with a U-shaped route on the left for wheelchairs, etc. Cyclists wishing to avoid dismounting, especially if carrying panniers, will need to take care. Note the litter under the bridge.

Beyond the bridge the route climbs on a sweeping curve up to Swythamley Close, from where you can connect to Kingsland Road ...  where the pavement is designated a shared path enabling cyclists to reach the Toucan crossings at the Edgeley Road junction.

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