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News Archive for 2008 (2005-2007)

Train Performance

"We are sorry for the delays and cancellations to some of our services in this area recently. The reasons for this include theft of signalling cable, the impact of bad weather, and an unexpected shortage of train crew. We are working hard to return to the high levels of punctuality that we delivered during the spring and summer of 2008." - Lee Wasnidge, Area Director West, Northern Rail.

There you are then. Complain to customer.relations@northernrail.org and you'll probably get a copy of the above. The 'rumour mill' tells us that some of the 'unexpected'  train crew shortages might be connected to Northern's late consultation with the staff on their new work schedules, and that some of the cancellations are due to problems with the fancy 'new' class 180s ....

[above: extract from live departures, 19 December]

If you want to check the running of the xx.37 trains towards Manchester and Preston, which have been cancelled several times so far, you will need to view the Live Departures an hour earlier to see the status of the xx.39 to Hazel Grove, which forms the next return train from Hazel Grove, after sitting in the siding at Hazel Grove for 45 minutes before returning as the xx.37 to Preston. Running information about trains is not displayed online until they have departed (or should have departed!) their starting station.

Picture: 180 106 at Davenport as the 09:33 Hazel Grove to Preston on the first weekday of the new timetable, 15 December. These five-coach 'inter-city 125 mph' trains have been handed down from First Great Western: Northern Rail have managed to remove most of the FirstGroup pink and white striping. See below for which trains are being worked by them.

The first day seems to have been slightly problematic, with at least one technical fault during the day. Also, they are considered too long for the platforms at Woodsmoor, so only a few of the doors can be opened there. This delayed the first train by several minutes.

Replacement buses: last-minute change

Contrary to the information in the published timetable, we now discover that the replacement bus service on the next six Sundays will in fact be replacing the whole service between Manchester and Buxton. The timetable is here (PDF). (It does appear, however, that trains from other routes will be running normally on the Stockport - Manchester section, and connections with the buses there are possible for a faster journey in some cases.)

Northern are not very good at informing passengers exactly where the buses will stop. W have raised this matter with Northern Rail. 'Woodsmoor' will no doubt be the stop on Bramhall Lane some way from the station, 'Middlewood' will, we suppose, be somewhere on the A6 near the road to the station, and Chapel-en-le-Frith will be the New Inn on the main road. Sunday trains from Davenport will next operate on 26 January.

Stockport shuttle bus

The long-awaited shuttle bus service around Stockport town centre is now in daily operation between 8.00am until 6.30pm Mondays to Saturdays, and between 10.30am until 5.30pm on Sundays. It offers free travel to all, and runs from Stockport station every 12 minutes during the day around a rather convoluted route (PDF map) which serves the bus station, the roads each side of Merseyway precinct, The Peel Centre annd Tesco. - 11 December


Northern Rail have secured the temporary use of three Class 180 five-coach express 'Adelante' railcar sets (capable of 125 mph!) to relieve their shortage of trains resulting from recent increases in passenger traffic. Two  of these impressive trains will work each day Mondays - Fridays from 15 December, mostly on the Manchester - Blackpool route, but one of them will run to and from Hazel Grove on a couple of trains. The times for our line are as follows:

06:53  Blackpool North - Hazel Grove 08:45
09:33  Hazel Grove to Preston 10:51
14:23  Preston to Hazel Grove 15:45
16:33  Hazel Grove to Preston 17:51

The three trains are 180 103, 106 and 108. For details of Class 180 see Wikipedia. - 10 December

Sardine Specials

[Note: this item referred to the old timetable.]

Some advice for Davenport passengers: if you are taking the train to Manchester in the late morning or early afternoon for the Christmas Markets, etc. we would strongly advise you to study the timetable and choose one of the trains (mostly at xx.45 from Davenport and xx.06 back from Piccadilly)  which run between Manchester and Hazel Grove only during the day.

Overcrowding of the trains to and from the Buxton direction, mostly formed of just two coaches, has become extreme over the last couple of weeks. This came to a head on Saturday 6 December, when the train crew of the 12:14 to Manchester train refused to allow any Davenport passengers to board as the train was already full, standing and well and truly 'wedged.'

On Sundays, the hourly train has recently been four coaches, with plenty of room ... but unfortunately Network Rail have chosen the next six Sundays to close the Stockport - Hazel Grove line for more of their endless engineering works, no doubt involving the new rails which are currently lying at Davenport awaiting installation on the Buxton-bound line. A bus replacement service between Buxton and Manchester will be running from 14 December: Sunday trains will resume on 1 February. Trains on other routes will, as far as we can tell, still be running on Sundays  between Stockport and Manchester, the first one being at 09:21.  - 8 December

Cryptic inscription?


This sign appeared a while back on the platform at Davenport, replacing an older version which disappeared sometime ago. Such signs appear at regular intervals across the whole Network Rail system, indicating the distance in miles and quarter-miles along each route. This one marks zero miles and three quarters of a mile from the junction with the main London line at Edgeley. Each of the dots indicates a quarter of a mile.

These signs are important for  track engineers and train crews as they allow the location of a track fault, or the place where a train has broken down, or a place on the line for any other reason, to be accurately described. The railway has yet to adopt the metric system: indeed the 'chain' - 22 yards, 80 to a mile - is still widely used as unit of distance.

New timetable looms

A reminder that the new, much-changed, timetable for trains in our area, begins on 14 December. Copies of the times for our line are available at the station, or by PDF download from Northern Rail (the full leaflet) or Network Rail (the table from the National timetable.)

The new service on our line runs to an altered pattern, still with two trains an hour during the day, but with most Buxton trains terminating at Manchester Piccadilly, and Hazel Grove trains running to Preston. The line to Preston is not electrified, so nearly all trains will be diesels, the Class 323 electric units being used to extend the Manchester - Macclesfield service to Stoke-on-Trent. There will be 33 trains to Manchester on Mondays - Fridays, compared with 36 previously: the axe has fallen on some of the extra trains which have run in peak hours, especially in the evening when the 16:59 from Manchester will be the only extra to the pattern of departures at 21 and 52 minutes past the hour.  How many coaches each train will have remains to be seen, but the whole thing does not add up to an improvement. The only bright side is for anyone commuting in the opposite direction, as the first two trains of day towards Buxton now stop at Davenport (07:06 and 08:06) and Woodsmoor rather than passing non-stop.

Boon for Sunday travellers

Some good news for leisure travellers is that Sunday services on neighbouring lines into Cheshire have been greatly improved. Stockport will have trains every two hours through the day to all stations on each of the Macclesfield,  Crewe and Chester (via Altrincham and Northwich) lines, calling at all stations. The trains from Chester continue from Stockport across Manchester and on to Southport. These trains offer many new opportunities, especially for cyclists who will be able to take their bikes out into the countryside to places such as Delamere, Goostrey and Prestbury: Northern trains officially carry two bikes per train, but more can travel at the discretion of the conductor.

Steam through Davenport

A steam-hauled excursion from Manchester Victoria to Buxton is running on Sunday 30 November, non-stop from Stockport to Buxton, passing through Davenport at 11:28, and arriving Buxton at 12:25. The return train leaves Buxton at 14:45, reversing in the sidings outside the station and returning to Manchester via Chinley, Guide Bridge, Ashburys and the rare route from there towards Manchester Victoria, arriving 17:03. The train, operated by Past Time Rail,  will be 8 coaches hauled by 'black 5' loco 45407.

Free Doughnut!

The Northern Rail website is offering vouchers which rail ticket-holders can exchange for free jam doughnuts and some 2-for-one offers until the end of November. Follow this link for details. - 1 November

'21st century transport'

We have been asked to draw your attention to 21st Century Transport, a site where (if your computer is good enough) you can watch a very artistic short film supporting the Manchester TIF/ congestion charge proposals. - 27 October

Petition news

Readers may recall the on-line petition to the Prime Minister demanding that CrossCountry be compelled to stop all their trains at Stockport, rather than half of them as planned for December, and citing some supposed Parliamentary Act of 1840, which nobody has yet been actually been able to trace. Follow this link to read the Government's dismissive response, now published. - 26 October.

Strike off

"Northern Rail is pleased to announce that its drivers in the North West have suspended their planned strike action for Monday 13 October and a normal timetable will be in operation." - 11 October


There will be a bus replacement service between Hazel Grove  and Buxton due to engineering work, all day on Sundays 19 and 26 October.

Also, note that until 15 December some changes to train times apply to allow for problems caused by leaves on the line. In general, trains departing from Buxton will do so a few mintes early. See the PDF timetable. The same principle applies to some other routes, notably the Chester - Northwich - Manchester route.

Timetable Trauma

From 15 December 2008, the train timetables for our area are being revised, largely to accommodate three Manchester - London trains each hour instead of the previous two. The basic plan of two trains per hour during the day at Davenport is retained, but with many differences in execution (see below). Of most concern to commuters, however, is a cut in the number of trains home from work in Manchester. The following table (based on the on-line journey planner which has now been updated for the new period: enter 17 December as your travel date) shows the present and future departures from Manchester to Davenport between 5pm and 7pm.
Summer 2008, 17:00 - 19:00
Manchester Ox Rd  17:03   -   17:32   -     -   18:35
Manchester Pic    17:07 17:27 17:37 17:50 18:06 18:39
                  a                       a
Davenport         17:23 17:51 17:51 18:03 18:22 18:52 
b     h     b     h     h     b
January 2009, 17:00 - 19:00

Manchester Ox Rd      -     -   18:16   -
Manchester Pic      17:23 17:52 18:21 18:52
a     a     a     a
Davenport           17:39 18:09 18:39 19:09
h     b     b     b

Trains labelled 'a' call at Heaton Chapel and Levenshulme, others at Stockport only. 'b' shows a train which continues to Buxton, 'h' is a train terminating at Hazel Grove. As you can see, all trains will stop at all stations during this period, so will no doubt be crowded with Levenshulme and Heaton Chapel passengers, and there are no through trains from Manchester Oxford Road until 18:16, the popular 17:32 from there having been deleted. The morning rush hour is less affected, with more or less the same number of trains.

During the day, there will be trains at half-hourly intervals, xx.08 and xx.37 to Manchester, xx:21 and xx.52 back from Piccadilly, but with a big difference. The trains coming from Buxton will  terminate at Manchester Piccadilly, as in time immemorial, rather than continuing towards Blackpool, and the alternate ones which start from Hazel Grove will continue through Manchester, calling at Oxford Road but only as far as Preston. Blackpool stopping trains will run from Manchester Victoria, but we will have the option of changing at Piccadilly to one of TransPennine's Expresses.

This may all seem like a good idea, but an unfortunate side-effect is that, as the Deansgate - Leyland and Hazel Grove - Buxton sections of line do not have overhead electric wires, all trains except what Northern Rail managers call 'one Hazel Grove - Piccadilly train each way per day to keep the wires clean' will have to be diesels.

Thus we lose the 1990s-built Class 323 electric trains with their three coaches, quiet interiors, plenty of space and quick acceleration, in favour of older two-car diesels. All the money spent on wiring and bridge rebuilding back in 1980 comes to nothing, and polluting diesels rule the roost.

So the promises in the 'Congestion charge' booklet about better train services look rather hollow as far as Davenport passengers are concerned, although the lucky folks of Hazel Grove are promised that all Sheffield - Manchester express will be stopped for them.

Another thought for those who might be considering commenting on the consultation form: the item on page 8 of the booklet, 'The Government has committed to deliver additional carriages...' refers to a decision which has already been taken to provide extra new and second-hand trains for the Northern Rail fleet. It is in no way conditional on the 'Transport Investment Fund' proposals being accepted. Beware spin-doctors!

We discussed these matters at his recent 'surgery' with David White, Davenport & Cale Green councillor and member of the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority, who says that he has never been given detailed information about the changes, just general principles, and will take up the issue.

The fact is, however, that the number of trains run on the congested tracks through Stockport, and where to, is decided by the Department for Transport in London, guided by Network Rail who advised on how many trains will fit each piece of line without causing late running. As with the last round of cutbacks at Davenport when Virgin trains to London became half-hourly, it is all a fait accompli as far as local authorities are concerned. - 4 October

Metrolink Piccadilly closed for 8 Weeks

The Metrolink branch to Piccadilly station is closed from 8 weeks from 27 September for track relaying. All trams will be running direct between St Peters Square and Victoria, with a free shuttle bus in operation between Piccadilly station and Piccadilly Gardens/Market Street. It your train calls at Deansgate and you want a tram connection, it will certainly be easier to alight there and cross the bridge to G-Mex tram station. - 28 September

Congestion Charge etc

Don't forget to express your opinions about the Greater Manchester Transport Investment Fund bid - residents have received a form to send back by 10 October, and you can see the explanatory material at www.gmfuturetransport.co.uk. There's a lot of  detail in the downloadable information booklet. Here's what it has to say about our line:

Stockport to Manchester line: The Stockport corridor is one of the two busiest in the conurbation, and Manchester – Stockport is in the top ten passenger flows within the North West .... Planned Improvements:
• extending some Manchester to Hazel Grove trains to New Mills Newtown to serve a park and ride facility;
• improving the train services for park and ride passengers at Hazel Grove by stopping all Manchester to Sheffield services there;
• platforms will be lengthened as appropriate;
• Bramhall and Woodsmoor stations will be improved;
• improvements to the transport interchange facilities between the
bus and rail stations in Stockport; and
• extra capacity to reduce overcrowding and enable more people to use the service.

We are also told there will be at Stockport a 'multi-million pound transport interchange' which will take the form of 'a new
bus station [which] will be built within a single building.' This will apparaently have a lift connecting it to the Mersey Square shopping area, and better links to the railway station and possible future Metrolink line. Are you having trouble visualising this? - 27 September

Engineering work at Chorley

From 26 July for six weeks, the Bolton - Blackpool line is closed at the stone-walled cutting north of Chorley while Network Rail carry out remedial work on the drainage of the line, which has been causing serious problems.

This means that Buxton - Davenport - Blackpool trains, although running in their normal times as far as Manchester, Bolton and Chorley, will terminate at Chorley, and start their journeys there back to Buxton.  Buses will run between Chorley and Preston, but anyone wishing to go to Preston or Blackpool from our area should change at Manchester Piccadilly to a Trans-Pennine Express train, which will leave from Platform 14 where the Buxton train arrives. These are diverted to avoid the blockage, and will still be running through to Blackpool - and also, they have more comfortable, air-conditioned coaches. - 26 July

Gardening news

Joe Strimmer

Vegetation Control under way, 2 July.  Note that the rails have been painted white again this summer in the hope of stopping them overheating in the sun (!) and pushing the track out of line.

Bus disruption in Manchester

Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE) is advising passengers to allow extra time for their journeys during the four-week closure of London Road in Manchester city centre. The road will be shut in both directions between Whitworth Street and Auburn Street while a major sewer upgrade takes place.

The 192, 201, 203, 204, 205 and 206 services will start and end their journeys at Stand EW outside Tesco's on London Road; the 219, 220 and 221 at a temporary stop on Newton Street near the junction with Dale Street; and the 173 and 188 at Stand R opposite Wetherspoons on Piccadilly.

Routes 1 and 3 (the orange and purple routes) of the free city centre bus service, Metroshuttle, will also be diverted while London Road is closed. The buses will use the temporary stop on Newton Street.

New Timetable - not much change

There is a new timetable period beginning on Sunday 18 May: timetables are available at the station and for download, although changes on the Buxton line seem to be minimal. Do check your train times before travelling, however. There may, also, be some changes to fares. - 17 May

More signs, less speed?

March 2008, and the Council highways people have carried out their promise to put a weight limit on Garners Lane to prevent Heavy Goods Vehicles using Bramhall and Garners Lanes as a route from the south to the M60 motorway.  The increase in this kind of traffic lately, which is indeed a major nuisance, seems to have coincided with the widespread use of 'Satnav' equipment. According to would-be councillor Mr Henley, the Council has also been writing letters to companies who were regular offenders. But will the Satnavs 'know' about the weight limit?  Still, it's worth a try ... - 12 April

Cyclists' open meeting

Cycle Stockport Open Meeting, Monday April 7, 2008 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm. Location: Friends Meeting House , Cooper Street , STOCKPORT

'We invite all members and anyone else interested in cycling in Stockport to attend a meeting at the Friends Meeting House,Cooper Street, at 7-30pm, on Monday 7th April, to discuss any matters relevant to cyclists and how we should aim to progress this coming year. Don Naylor, Stockport's Cycling Officer, and Cllr Stuart Bodsworth will give us some idea of Stockport's bid to become a Cycling Demonstration Town. We need to have as much Cycling input as we can achieve to try to  ensure that, if successful, Stockport's bid really does benefit cyclists and doesn't just become a political exercise. Working together we can achieve this, but cyclists must show they are ready to get involved.'

Petition the PM!

There is a proposal is that, from December 2008, one of the two Cross Country trains per hour between Manchester and Birmingham (and beyond) will run non-stop through Stockport and Macclesfield stations. As we understand it from the recent GMPTA seminar, it will be the new Manchester - Bristol services which do not stop, whilst the Bournemouth route trains will call as before.

This appears to have originated when either some civil servant at the Department for Transport, or one of the inexperienced managers at the Cross Country franchise, which recently passed from Virgin to Arriva, noticed that the average speed of their Manchester - Birmingham service was slower than on TransPennine's Manchester - Leeds line, despite the amount of work done 'improving' the west coast routes.

It is of course, a ridiculous idea, which Mr Gibb, Virgin's Cross Country managing director who has now moved on, would surely never have countenanced for a moment. If implemented it will (I predict) lead to hundreds of complaints (especially from Buxton line residents) and loss of revenue, not least from the Greater Manchester PTA who will no longer have to pay them a share of Manchester - Stockport local journey subsidy. The trains will be delayed at signals behind other trains which stop at Stockport, and the Stockport calls will be re-instated.
Macclesfield is another matter: there may be a case for not stopping there, and some London trains already omit the stop.  But Stockport is a large town, and a junction for other lines. 

As you may have read in the press, an online petition to the Prime Minister has been set up by a Mr Michael Perkin to register our dissatisfaction with this, claiming that Stockport station's '1840 Act of Parliament' requires all trains to stop there. At is an interesting way to interest the press - Councillor David White, Stockport Council's executive member for transport, did actually raise the issue back in December 2007 (BBC news item) but it does not seem to have got us anywhere.

However - the Manchester and Birmingham Railway was granted its act in 1837 - and opened in 1840. All these
acts were printed and published. The John Rylands Library in Manchester has a copy of this, and having looked through it I cannot see any reference to this supposed requirement, or indeed any requirement to build any intermediate stations at all. It concerns itself in detail with the protection of various landowners' and canal operators property and rights, and includes various standard clauses of the time including 'locomotives must consume their own smoke' and 'the line must be screened off from turnpike roads' (neither of which ever happened) and the changes for carriage of dung, etc. It has been suggested by the petitioners that it might be in the Act for the widening of the station in the 1880s' we have not found this text yet; the subject is not mentioned at all in Vincent Hollands' excellent 2004 book The Stockport railway viaduct : and the Manchester & Birmingham Railway Company. (Available in Stockport Libraries.) If anyone can find any documents about this alleged legal requirement, we'd be pleased to hear from them.

Trains have run non-stop through Stockport before, including  regular morning and evening commuter trains serving Davenport back in the 1980s. Sign the petition, but one can't help thinking that a message to Cross-Country Trains and Ann Coffey MP might also be worthwhile. It's notable that the original 'stakeholder briefing document' about the new franchise issued by the Department for Transport in 2006 says something completely different to (and much more sensible than) what is now proposed: 'It is proposed to speed up the services between Manchester and Birmingham to give shorter journey times between these two key cities. These services will stop at Stockport, Wilmslow, Crewe and Wolverhampton on one service in each hour and to Stockport, Macclesfield, Stoke and Wolverhampton on the other service each hour.'  - 28 March

Steam news: A reminder that on Sunday 4 May, the Altrincham - Chester line will be hosting its Mid-Cheshire Steam Day, with two return trains between Altrincham and Chester hauled by LMS 4-6-0 45407 (not 2-8-0 48151 as previously advertised). The Mid-Cheshire Community Rail Partnership website has more details and a link to a booking form. - 8 March

Ticket barriers at Manchester Oxford Road: Northern Rail have switched on the automatic ticket barriers at Oxford Road station: people joining or leaving trains there in future will have to feed their tickets into the machines, having first found one that is actually working. Season ticket holders will have to take their tickets out of their wallets, and holders of tickets without magnetic stripes (over 60s-passes, day passes issued on buses, etc) will need to find a person to show them to. We would show you a picture of the barriers, but unfortunately Mr Walker of Northern Rail, whho was nearby when we took it, became agitated for some reason, and seemed to suggest that we might possibly be terrorists, so you'll have to use your imagination.

Platform Zero! After lying almost unused for some considerable time, the new platform '0' at Stockport was brought into daily use at the beginning of March, additional staff having been taken on to dispatch trains from there. Most (but perhaps not all)  trains heading towards Davenport, Buxton and Sheffield will (we are told) be stopping there instead of the main platforms 1 and 2 as in the past. This is supposed to reduce delays to trains, but it seems to us that its main effect will be to deprive passengers of east access to the bookstall, buffet and toilets. - 8 March

'Milk Float' in new colours:
A start has been made on painting the Class 323 electric trains into Northern Rail's colour scheme: this is 323 223 at Manchester Piccadilly on 17 February on arrival from Hazel Grove.

: A Sunday timetable for 24 February, 2, 9 and 16 March is  available showing that trains will run normally through Davenport to Manchester Piccadilly, but passengers for stations beyond Piccadilly will have to catch a replacement bus from Manchester Piccadilly to Manchester Victoria. No alternative service to Oxford Road and Deansgate stations appears to be planned.

Welcome new fence

Ever since Network Rail, for reasons best known to themselves, built a brick ledge in the area by the passage under the ticket office, homecoming commuters have often had to run the gauntlet of drinking and smoking teenagers sitting on this obvious perch. Following requests from station staff and users, a new security fence has now been built to close off this area, as seen in the picture; a locked gate had been provided to allow removal of the inevitable litter. Well done Network Rail, we say. - 14 February

Replacement buses Stockport - Manchester Saturday evening 26 January and Sunday Morning 27 January.

In addition to the above, there are disruptions to the last train of the day on Mondays - Thursdays almost all the time at the moment. Always check the Journey Planner.

Steam Train Rides

For those who would like to sample steam locomotive traction on the main lines, there are some opportunities from nearby stations, of not from Davenport itself in 2008.

Charter company Past Time Rail are running a monthly train (some Saturdays, some Sundays) from Manchester Victoria, called the 'Cotton Mill Express, which will make a circuit via Huddersfield, Burnley and Blackburn. Full details can be found on Past Time Rail's website; the locomotives used will be Bury-based 45407 and 76079, which have performed several times recently on steam specials to the Buxton area.

On Sunday 4 May, the Altrincham - Chester line will be hosting its Mid-Cheshire Steam Day, with two return trains between Altrincham and Chester hauled by LMS 4-6-0 45407. The Mid-Cheshire Community Rail Partnership website has more details. - 22 January

Have Your Say (1)

The Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority will be holding a public meeting (a 'Sub Regional Seminar') on 27 February 2008 at 10:00 for 10:30 in Manchester Town Hall. Full Details on their website. We believe this one will focus on the local railways, and would encourage you to attend; the January meeting seemed to be dominated by people from the north of Manchester.

At this meeting we were shown the breakdown of the PTA's budget. For 2007/2008, they will receive a Government grant of £75 million to support rail services, forming 32% of their total budget, the remainder of which (£152 million) is a levy on your council tax.  Interestingly, the expenditure figures shown only 29% of the budget being spent on rail support, which appears to work out at £65 million. Another £58 million, 24% of the total, is earmarked to pay bus, train and tram operators for the concessionary fares scheme. £47 million is spent on providing bus services which bus companies will not run on a commercial basis.  It would seem, from these figures, that although the PTA does subsidise local rail operators, as far as ordinary non-concessionary this money in fact comes direct from the Government and not from anyone's council tax.

From April 2008, the free bus travel scheme for over-60s will be extended to allow people to travel free (between 9.30am and 11pm on weekdays and all day at the weekends and bank holidays) on local buses all over England - including, it was explained at the meeting, travel  across the boundaries of Greater Manchester on through buses which cross the boundary. Nobody knows how much extra subsidy this will require, although the funding is apparently fixed by the Department of Transport. This does not apply to trains, and supporters of rail might well be concerned that travellers to and from outside Greater Manchester might desert the trains for the free bus. One bus operator in North Wales, when a national scheme was set up there, started a route in direct competition with the Conwy Valley branch line, hoping to make a profit mostly from the concessionary fares subsidy.

Have your Say (2)

GMPTA have also organised what they call 'Operator Surgery Events' at which representatives of bus and train companies will be present at suitable points to meet passengers.  The next event for Stockport is at Stockport Station from 07:00 to 09:00 on Thursday 21 February. First North Western, our previous train company, used to run 'meet the manager' events on this kind of basis, which were very useful as it was possible to talk to the Managing Director himself. Whether theses PTA-organised ones will encourage Northern Rail MD Ms Mottram to turn up remains to be seen.

Sundays 6, 13 and 20 January 2008:
There will  be a bus service replacing the trains between Stockport and Manchester until lunchtime, as on 6 January. See the Journey Planner for details.