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This site is for users of Davenport railway station, Stockport, England - and for all the people of Davenport.  Our aim is to have plenty of useful information for users of the station, and act as a forum for contributions and suggestions.

Please note that this site is unofficial and is not connected with Northern or any rail company. Information here is presented in good faith, but we cannot be responsible if your train (or bus) does not arrive when expected.

Network Rail full details for Davenport station

Postal Address of the station:

Davenport Station
Bramhall Lane

Ticket office opening hours: Monday - Friday 06:20 - 12:50
Saturday 07:00 - 13:30
Sunday closed.

About Davenport

Davenport is a mostly-residential, tree-lined, suburb of Stockport, in Greater Manchester, England. Its focal point is its railway station, which is on the Manchester - Stockport - Buxton line, and  it does have a range of facilities within a short distance which make it a particularly good place to live for anyone who does not wish to drive a car.

Minutes from the station there are some good quality shops, including convenience stores, a bank, a pharmacy, a baker, a butcher and a greengrocer as well as a post office/newsagent. Davenport is well-served by buses to Stockport town centre,  and the trains will get you to Manchester Piccadilly station in 20 minutes.

The trains heading away from Stockport offer an instant transfer to the countryside, with pleasant walks along the Middlewood Way and Peak Forest Canal 15 minutes away and the Peak National Park within half an hour.

Stockport's main hospital, Stepping Hill, is a couple of kilometres away, and even the town's cemetery and crematorium are within walking distance. We have a 'green-flag' park, Cale Green Park, incorporating a kids' playground and with Cricket and Lacrosse clubs adjacent, and a good public house, the 'Jolly Sailor' about five minutes walk from the station. A Methodist church is nearby, and the large late-Victorian Anglican church, St George's, is a short walk towards Stockport.

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Our first electric train for two years: 323 239 calls with the 17:23 (Mon-Fri) Manchester Piccadilly - Hazel Grove on 16 May. This replaces the previous 'Pacer' train and and be the only electric service of the day this summer - better than none we suppose. The new 'Northern still have not branded any trains, although some posters have appeared.

Incidentally, although this train no longer continues to Chinley, someone has forgotten to change it in the new version of Timetable leaflet 23 (Manchester to Sheffield) which still shows it going to Chinley.
17 May 2016

Essential Local History reading

A newly-published book full of essential history is 'A History of Woodsmoor' by Sue Bailey. 101 pages packed with pictures, information and stories about the Woodsmoor area, researched by Sue over the last four years. We heartily recommend a purchase of the book which costs just £10 from Woodsmoor Post Office, Stockport Heritage Trust, Staircase House, or 'Simply Books' in Bramhall.
30 April 2016

New Timetable from 15 May

New Timetables apply from 15 May: a PDF of our local booklet can be downloaded from the Northern website. The basic pattern of service remains unchanged, including the absurd lack of a train to Manchester between 08:06 and 08:40. One notable change is that the 17:23 train from Manchester, which has been continuing beyond Hazel Grove to Chinley, will terminate at Hazel Grove. We have heard suggestions that an electric train may appear on this service, which is true will be the first electric train we have seen for some time.

30 April 2016

Oakfield Road access update

As mentioned earlier, last month we prepared a report, which we have sent to Councillor Wendy Wild on the difficulties encountered by pedestrians needing to negotiate the Oakfield Road Garages area on the way to and from the station or village.  Download your copy here (PDF 600KB). 

Councillor Wild has responded by raising the matter with the Council: she writes:
I discussed the issues you raised and the following is a summary of the actions that I've agreed with officers to progress.

Feasibility study on walking routes along Oakfield Road from Beechfield Road to Bramhall lane:
Check condition of footways and if on maintenance list;
Traffic Regulation Orders:
Check existing bus stop – lines and sign

Investigate junction protection at the junction of Beechfield Road and Oakfield Road

Investigate the one way system to determine if anything can be proposed to discourage drivers using the wrong way.

Contact UTC to discuss pedestrian crossing timings on the junction of  Bramhall  Lane and Garners Lane.
We await any further developments.

28 Aoril 2016

All Northern trains are currently running with all the 'Niorthern Rail' logos and web addresses removed.

Welcome to the new 'northern'

The new rail franchise operated by Arriva (a subsidiary of the German state railway) is operating our trains from 1 April. Their website is at www.northernrailway.co.uk. It's nice that Whaley Bridge has been chosen as an illustration for their List of Stations page.
01 April 2016

Shopping news

Davenport Post Office's new look, March 2016

Bus replacements

Reminder: trains between Hazel Grove and Buxton are replaced by buses for all four days of the Easter weekend 25 - 28 March while the new bridge over the A555 road is moved into place. The 21:29 and 23:10 Manchester - Buxton trains are also replaced by buses beyond Hazel Grove on 21 - 24 March. Arrivals and Departures from Davenport will be at the usual times, but expect much longer journeys.

Elsewhere, and not directly affecting our trains, Manchester Victoria and Salford Crescent stations are closed from  Thursday 24 March to Sunday 3 April while Network Rail carries out preparation work for the new 'Ordsall Chord' line. Full details of the many changes to times, and temporary timetables, can be found on the Northern Rail website.

14 March 2016

It seems that the (slightly unimpressive) image seen here represents the brand logo to be used in future for the train services of what has recently been Northern Rail, the idea being that - as in Scotland - there will be a branding independent of the company operating the franchise. From 1 April, that company will be Arriva Rail North, whose fancy website is now online at www.arrivarailnorth.org. They have followed the lead of Northern Rail in using the .org domain, intended originally for non-profit organisations.
12 March 2016.

More problems...

The new Arriva North company must be wondering what they are taking on, following yet another major disruption of the service on the morning of 10 March by another 'broken down train' incident, this time near Levenshulme. The 06:49 train from Hazel Grove to Manchester left Stockport on time at 07:00, and appears from the railway database to have finally reached Manchester Piccadilly at 09:45. Many other trains were heavily delayed:  one of the passengers affected was Ian McMillan, celebrity poet and railway lover, probably on a train from Sheffield, who took to Twitter  in the hope of getting information. As usual, the details of what happened will not be made public.

However, we have found out from local contacts what happened on the morning of Friday 4 March (see item below). The 'broken down train' was not a train at all, despite Northern Rail's comment, which is why such a train never appeared on the Network Rail database. It was a road/rail contractor's machine which had been working overnight on preparations for the installation of the new bridge over the A555 at Simpson's Corner.
12 March 2016

New Franchise - the Union view

Somewhere in the small print of the new franchised documents is statem ent that the Department of Transport is expecting a large saving saving in Government subsidy over the period of the franchise. Here is what the RMT Trade Union thinks of it all:
There is no basis for cost cutting on the North’s railways. According to Rail North’s own estimates passenger demand for the north’s railway will soar by 50% over the next fifteen years. Despite this, and the clear need for investment, the Government has stated that annual subsidy will be cut by £160m, or 53% by the final year of the franchise.

Furthermore, through Rail North there is now a real opportunity to bring decision making closer to the passengers who use the services because Rail North has responsibility for overseeing and developing the franchises on key issues such as train service levels and what station and train staff will be available to assist passengers and protect their safety. This is despite the German state railway winning the contract to operate the franchise, through a cuts-driven tender process.

RMT will continue to argue for a publically owned People’s Railway for the North.
The Union believes there will be 'attacks on supervisory and clerical jobs, the introduction of Driver Only Operation and increased casualization arising from the re-franchising processes.'  Whether they are right remains to be seen: the idea of 'Driver Only Operation' has been bandied about in Government reports recently. Passengers might well welcome it as it would avoid the irritating waits for the conductor to finish selling a ticket, return to the cab and open the doors, but a lot of work would need to be done on station infrastructure - mirrors, or cameras/screens - to make this feasible.

11 March 2016

Snow in Spring

Spring scene, 4 March.

Road Rage

If you are thinking of travelling by train to sample the attractions of Buxton Spa over the Easter weekend, be prepared to travel by replacement bus on any of the four days, as the line beyond Hazel Grove is closed while a bridge is installed to carry the line over the new green-belt-destroying A555 road at Simpson's corner. The allocated running time of the bus between Hazel Grove and Buxton is a wearying 61 minutes (less than 40 minutes by rail), which may prove optimistic given the congestion of the A6 road common on Bank Holiday evenings. To this must be added the 10 minutes allowed for the transfer between train and bus. Dogs and bikes are not carried on the buses, and of course the bus stop for Midlewood is on the main road, reached by a half-mile footpath from the station.
06 March 2016

Another bad week

The first week of March 2016 turned out to be another troublesome week for passengers on our line. Wednesday 2 March was a traumatic day, with cancellations and delays in the middle of the day followed by 'signalling problems at Hazel Grove' (again) in the afternoon which left Davenport passengers for the 16:08 to Manchester stranded on the station with no information about what was happening, and no train until 17:20.  On 3 March the 10:49 Manchester  - Buxton was terminated at Stockport due to 'traction equipment problems'. Worst of all, on Friday 4 March, a 'broken-down train' led the a complete abolition of the morning peak service between Hazel Grove and Buxton, with trains turning back at Hazel Grove with ad hoc timings.  The first train of the day to leave Buxton was at 10:18. How a single 'broken down train' could lead to this, given that a number of trains spend the night at Buxton ready for the morning peak, and the line is double-track, isn't obvious; we thought it might be snow-related, but Northern Rail's 'Twitterer' denied this. As usual, don't expect details to be made public.

Metrolink passengers are allowed free parallel bus routes during disruption, but local rail passengers are expected to pay  for the bus trip. Yet both are in the fiefdom of Transport for Greater Manchester. Why is this?
06 March 2016

What will Arriva do for us?

With one month to go before the German State Railway subsidiary 'Arriva North' takes over the running of our trains, the present company seems to be keen to wash its hands of the place already, as orders have gone out to cover up the Northern Rail logo on signs and posters.

The new owners have been promising lots of improvements, including scrapping the 4-wheeled 'Pacer' carriages which appear here occasionally, although they have never been allowed to venture beyond Hazel Grove towards Buxton. 98 new trains (some diesel, some electric) to be built by CAF in Spain will be hired, but that doesn't necessarily mean we will see them, as it's likely they will be used on a promised new network of faster trains between main cities, and we'll get the current diesels - refurbished, but will the Class 150 units still have those dreadful 3 + 2 seats that your editor is too wide over shoulders to fit into without intimacy with the adjacent passenger? Probably, since the politicians are obsessed with counting seats, however useless.

Of more concern is the frequency of train service which to be provided. The requirement agreed to by Arriva have now been published online and can be downloaded from this link. The information is quite hard to interpret, especially as it concentrates on the number of trains to/from Manchester in given parts of the day, ignoring any other journeys people might wish to make, such as Davenport to Buxton.

The document lists the requirements for December 2017 and December 2019. We'll look here at the table for the Buxton line, December 2017, and the numbers of trains in the Monday - Friday weekday off-peak period between 10:00 and 15:59 - six hours in other words - these are arrival times in Manchester.

Buxton 6
Dove Holes 4
Chapel-en-le-Frith 6
Whaley Bridge 6
Furness Vale 6
New Mills Newtown 12
Disley 6
Middlewood 3
Hazel Grove 24
Woodsmoor 12
Davenport 12

So it seems we will still have the inadequate half-hourly service we have today. Buxton retains its hourly service as now, but New Mills gets an improved service from one to two per hour, and Hazel Grove jumps from two to four per hour. All these trains must pass through Woodsmoor and Davenport, but which ones will be the 12 that stop here? It's impossible to tell from the information available.

However, remarks in the press about faster trains from Buxton might imply a revival of the idea that Buxton trains will be the among ones missing our stops, an idea which was implemented in the 1990s and eventually abandoned after many complaints and has surfaced again recently, condoned by Transport for Greater Manchester officials - who one might think would favour their own stations over those in Derbyshire. One of the benefits of living here is the easy access by train to the Peak District, and of course Davenport and Woodsmoor stations are used by pupils from the High Peak attending local schools. One of the reasons for opening Woodsmoor station was access to Stepping Hill Hospital for High Peak residents. We are trying to get the facts, but it's hard to know who to ask.

The speed limit for all trains on the Hazel Grove - Edgeley section is just 40mph, with 25mph round the curve into Stockport, and the trains which run non-stop over that section at present do not gain significant time over those that stop, so why deprive us of a useful service? In the past, Davenport has had three, and sometimes four, trains per hour each way. Davenport was once busier than Hazel Grove, but the opening of Woodsmoor in the early 90s has divided the figures, as many passengers previously walked from Woodsmoor to Davenport to catch their trains. Hazel Grove station has also benefited from people who drive there to take advantage of the car park and Greater Manchester's cheaper rail fares.

New Mills Newtown does not now have a crossover between tracks, nor any signals,  so any train terminating there will need to continue to Furness Vale before returning. However, as things stand the crossover there, north of the station, is not equipped with the safety devices for trains containing passengers, so trains will have to return empty to New Mills to pick up. Perhaps there will improvements made to the signalling arrangements before December 2017; the extra New Mills train is going to need some smart working to avoid delays, which may be why it apparently doesn't call at Disley.

Official estimates are available from the Office of Rail Regulation for the combined total of 'entries and exits' at all stations for the financial year 2014-15. These are calculated by tickets sold plus (gu)estimates of the use of concession passes, wayfarers, etc:

Davenport 274,848  (down from 286,326 in 2013-14)
Woodsmoor 219,366 (up from 208,856)
Hazel Grove 658,226 (down from 672,504)

Why Woodsmoor seems have bucked the trend is a mystery: it's probably due to changes in the way the statistics are compiled, or maybe since the fares are the same, conductors have not changed their machine settings. A fall in usage might well have been expected since the restrictions in off-peak fares which came into effect in September 2014, but who knows?  Our station certainly isn't the quiet backwater that some officials seem to imagine.
01 March 2016

From our history file...

A press cutting from 24 April 1994. Guess who placed and paid for the notice in the Post Office window?

01 March 2016

A troubled week

The first week of February saw our early daffodils open, but in other ways it was a troubled week for the local rail network. On Wednesday, the locomotive of a DB Schenker freight train from Trafford Park to London gateway gave up the ghost while passing through Oxford Road station, blocking the junction at Castlefield used by our Hazel Grove - Blackpool trains for over an hour until a loco from the Freightliner company was commandeered to drag the train out of the way.

Worse was to come the following day - around 08:30 all the signalling in the Hazel Grove area suffered a major power failure, with the result that no trains at all ran through Davenport for several hours.  Noticeably (above) even the signal light at the signal by Davenport car park, which is actually controlled by Edgeley Junction signalbox, was showing no light at all.

None of these problems are under the control of our train company Northern Rail, but it would be good to see some explanation or apology online. Replacement buses were supposedly provided, but of course why would a Davenport passenger wait for one rather than catch an ordinary bus to Stockport even if buying a ticket is needed. When there are problems on Metrolink, arrangements are quickly made to accept their tickets on buses, so why cannot the same apply to trains within Transport for Greater Manchester's area?

Elsewhere, the damage due to storms was still having its effect on the main line network through the week, with the Carlisle - Glasgow, Newcastle - Carlisle, and Settle - Carlisle main lines all closed for emergency repairs.

07 February 2016

Alterations ... to Alterations (update)

We have been informed that the closure for engineering work of the Hazel Grove - Stockport line planned for Sunday 24 January has been cancelled, and trains will now run as normal, except that the 09:04 train to Manchester is replaced by a bus at 08:59 to Stockport for onward connections.

However, there will still be replacement buses running between Stockport and Alderley Edge (calling at Wilmslow) and Stockport and Stoke-on Trent. Trains between Manchester and London, South Wales and the South-West will be running via the Styal line, calling at Wilmslow, Crewe and also - in some cases - at Stoke-on Trent.

The changes to train schedules (below) on Saturday 23 January still apply: the line between Manchester Oxford Road and Bolton is closed and replacement buses for that section will run all weekend.

Check your journeys carefully on the National Rail website.
22 January 2016

Weekend Alterations

Although not as well publicised as they might have been, there are some changes to Davenport's train services for the weekends of 9/10, 16/17 and 23/24 January.

Those Saturday trains which normally run beyond Manchester Oxford Road station are terminating at, or starting from, Manchester Oxford Road, running in the normal timings.

9 January 2016

Fares rise

As usual, the new year sees an increase in train fares. Day return fares to Manchester Central Zone from Davenport are now £3.50 'off-peak' and £5.90 'peak'. The 'Peak' fare (which has not increased) applies to any journey, out or return, starting on Mondays - Fridays before 09:30, and/or between 16:01 and 18:30. (At weekends 'off-peak' fares apply all day.) Remember that these times apply in both directions, so although the 16:08 to Manchester may appear not to be full of commuters, it is still a 'peak' train. The last train in the afternoon from Piccadilly before the 'peak' is the 15:49, the first train after the 'peak is the 18:49.

9 January 2016

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