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Some larger bills paid in 1899: A coach house and stables are built and fitted out, and alterations are made to the house. New railings and gate are installed.

Geoff. H. Brady, architect, is paid his fee for designing the work. Geoffrey Hollinshead Brady, like his brother R. Hollinshead Brady, also an architect) was a son  of auctioneer William H. Brady; the family and lived in Lark Hill House, nor far from the Coppocks' old home at Daw Bank House. G.H. Brady had an office in St Petersgate. William Pownall, building contractor, lived with hs wife Emily (and daughter Emily) in Woodsmoor.

Henry Hollingdrake & Son are a Stockport firm of long-standing, established in 1814 and still in business in 2009, now as a car dealership.