'The Alders' Davenport - Account Book - Page 4

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1900 Jan - Apr

Here we meet Tom Dishman, the coachman, for the first time, as the Coppocks pay for the removal of him and his household to Davenport. By 1901 he was living with his wife, son and daughter at 79 Winifred Road.  The houses in Winifred Road were new at the time, so maybe he was the first tenant.

Dishman was born c. 1861 in Metheringham, Lincolnshire and in 1891 was still living there, and working as a farmer. It would be interesting to know how he became a coachman and came to the attention of the Coppocks.

Hime and Addison of Manchester, who tuned the piano, will be a name familar to many today: Hime and Hargreaves were in business in St Ann's Square as far back as 1830; they probably sold the piano too. In the 1960s they were well- known as a record shop.

Ormeshers were a well-known removals company, as the 1902 advert shows.