'The Alders' Davenport - Account Book - Page 5

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1900, May - July

The sisters seem to be settling in at The Alders now. The now-forgotten expense of using a horse and carriages for transport become evident: £4.13.6 for shoeing horse, £5.4.0 for hay, £12.4.0 for repairs to the carriages, then there was the harness paste and powders...

Gardening and horticulture was a manjor activity at The Alders, which had quite extensive grounds. 1/9d bought some seed potatoes, and 9/6d some (unspecified) plants. There were luxuries too: £1.12.0 for Madeira wine, and 17/8d for silver egg spoons. By comparison, many people in Britain at the time earned as little as £1 per week. A lawyer might expect about £30 per week.